Sunday, October 14, 2007

This is me!!

Why I hate Policemen!

Why I Hate Policemen!

I hate policemen because once I was in this store and I was buying a taco. I walked outside and dropped it and since I had another one. So I decided to leave the other one on the street until, This policeman came over and said "Well Well Well what do we have here looks like a taco on a jumbo" and then he started to yell and give me boring lectures. Then he took me to get a lie detector test and said you can't handle the truth (The guy is crazy) the officer was saying some random things and got sent to a place for crazy people! Thats why I hate policemen!!!


Dear Fellow Webbers:There's a new web show online that's fast becoming super-popular. It's called iCarly and, I must admit, it's FANTASTIC. The show's star, Carly, is a very funny and HOT girl. Her co-host is the SPICY Sam, who is also very funny. Carly and Sam are hilarious together. Their witty banter (which means "funny conversations") even had ME chortling out loud ("chortling" means "laughing"). Carly + Sam = HOT N' SPICY -- and that's just how I like my web shows. ;)
The show looks and sounds great, thanks to their technical producer, Freddie. He's an expert camera-man, and he's quite talented with audio and lighting and such.
There are many web shows on the internet, but iCarly is the funniest and most entertaining. You never know what clever thing Carly and Sam will do next, and that's what makes iCarly such a joy to watch.
My only complaint is that Carly needs a boyfriend. Perhaps someone like me. She knows my email address. ARE YOU LISTENING, CARLY?
PS: If Carly won't be my girlfriend, I would also be happy with Sam. ARE YOU LISTENING, SAM?